Sunday Striders 2017


Gallery of images from the Sunday Striders Up and Down event held on Sunday 16th July.. (requires Flash player).

The Sunday Striders held an Up and Down event in July, kindly sponsored by a grant from Newtown Council.  We purchased equipment including running signs, numbers, pins, direction arrows, runners' bands, medals, (stop watches for future events) and refreshments for everyone, along with a few spot prizes.

The location was selected out of a choice of 3:.  it had to be a location that was quiet, fairly free from traffic, involved public footpaths/roads, safe car parking and where we could transport runners to the changeover point.  The aim of the event was for runners and walkers to take part as a team and enjoy the spirit of being a team member without the pressure of a timed event.  It was a taster for another event, if successful, to be held later on in the year or next year, hopefully encouraging others to take part. 

The council and police were notified as a matter of courtesy. The course was walked beforehand and a risk assessment completed.  A map was available on the day and marshalls recruited who willingly gave up their time to encourage other runners.  We had a marshall at the top of the course (with first aid kit) at the changeover point who also took pictures, along with a marshall (with first aid kit) on the course where the course turned to the left, another marshall at a gate and a marshall at the start and finish point (with first aid kit).  A safety briefing was given before the event began to ensure the safety of all participants.    

We also offered the choice of the entrants to take part in fancy dress if they so wished (two teams did). The location start had a safe car parking area with a portable toilet and bins already at the venue.  The venue selected was Llandinam Car park with the start being across the road (using the zebra crossing) and then up the road towards the mast and back down again. 

We had 15 teams taking part, two in a team with one runner running up to the changeover point and then the other team member running down the same route to the finish.  It was not timed so there was no pressure on any team member and they had their own watches if they wanted a time. 

All entrants received a medal and free refreshments afterwards, there was no charge for the event and 3 children of the entrants helped hand out the refreshments. All entrants filled in an application form and signed a register so everyone had signed out and then back in again after the event. All marshalls had mobile contact along with some of the runners who had their phones with them.  All runners arrived at the top and back down at the bottom safely.  The runners who ran up had the choice of running back down after the last team changeover or having a lift down with a marshall.


Comments from the day included :-


An evaluation was also done after the event to see what the participants would like. The comments are as follows:

It was felt that the event was enjoyed by all and certainly another event will be held again.  Sunday Striders would like to thank the Council for their donation to enable this event to be put on.

The next event will be an orienteering course which will enable runners/walkers to read maps and then it is hoped to hold a family orienteering/clued run/walk after that depending on the weather this year.  This encourages families to take part and encourages children to keep fit while enjoying taking part in something different.


Once again Sunday Striders thank you and a report will be issued once the next event has taken place.